About Me

I'm David Waumsley. I build, host and maintain client websites, co-host on the WP Builds Podcast and make YouTube videos. I'm from the UK, but I travel around the world with my wife.

I'm remodelling my web design business to be more agile. This blog is about that evolution.

David Waumsley London Uk

Why This site

I could not find anything for web design freelancers and small agencies on Agile working. Web designer courses or articles I see today seem to favour a traditional "Waterfall" method. Having caught up with Agile this is surprising as:

  • The only website to win the design of the year award was gov.uk which used an agile approach.
  • We web designers have difficulty explaining to clients how the web is different to print, yet our own business model remains the same.
  • Agile started with software, so we might have expected web design businesses to have adopted it faster than banks and governments.

 Agile isn't right for all, but opens up some wonderful opportunities.