Clarity: UX made simple & free

April 24, 2022

Clarity was launched by Microsoft at the end of 2020. I’ve only just begun to use it, so I’m not in a position to give it a ringing endorsement, but I’m very impressed with how pleasant it is to use. A great example of the Keep it Simple, Stupid principle and a useful tool for…

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Reasons To Become An Agile Web Designer. #5 Fewer Risks

April 22, 2022

Reduced risk is perhaps the key reason for agile project management going mainstream in IT and development. It’s taken many years and annual losses running into billions to force top-down, budget focussed organisations like governments to change, but for small web agencies it should be much easier. We don’t have centuries of culture overturn and…

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Reasons To Become An Agile Web Designer. #4 Stable income

April 7, 2022

Agile focuses on continuous delivery where the traditional model works to deadlines. The feast and famine problem known to most web designers is a product of the traditional approach. Two common tactics have emerged to overcome this problem. Value pricing – getting high ticket jobs to cover the designer for longer periods. Recurring incomes –…

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Reasons To Become An Agile Web Designer. #3 Less time wasting

March 30, 2022

Web designing was my escape from the tedium of being a manager in the civil service. I loved working with staff to achieve our shared goals, but the processes and documentation requested by my office became soul destroying. I felt it prevented me from getting on with my job. Mostly, I was creating an unread…

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Reasons to become an agile web designer. # 2 More enjoyable work

March 28, 2022

In the last video I argued that selling websites as commodities was outdated because: The “build it and they will come” approach is rarely considered an effective online marketing strategy. Most web designers are using platforms (like WordPress) that need to evolve. Here, I am looking at how traditional project management can also make work…

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Reasons to become an agile web designer. # 1 Better work

March 23, 2022

This is the first of 5 posts on how web designers could benefit from adopting an agile mindset. This one, on better work quality and opportunities, will be a little bit longer as I need to offer some historical context. Traditional Vs Agile approaches Most will be familiar with Traditional web projects. They start with…

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When do web design contracts do more harm than good?

February 28, 2022

There’s a general consensus that web design contracts with clients are a good thing. Unlike many other services, web designers depend on their customers’ input to complete their work. Traditionally, web designers have submitted a contract along with a proposal of work. It sets out the end deliverable and the responsibilities on either side. The…

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Data-Driven Web Design

February 16, 2022

Could anything sound more dull? Yet, I think this could be a 3rd and important theme of this blog and key to my attempts to improve my business. Before I move on to what it is and what it solves, let me first recap on the other two main themes of this blog. Agile working…

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Slim SEO – Keeping WordPress SEO Simple & Easy

February 3, 2022

A trustworthy and lightweight plugin that achieves ease and simplicity?

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Sharing news and resources with clients through their WordPress dashboard

January 15, 2022

Creating a custom WordPress dashboard without a plugin. I’ve been using a plugin to set up clients’ resources in the admin side of their own sites. It looked impressive, but as I’m rebuilding my business to be more Simple (in keeping with the KISS principle) and Agile I’ve realised a code snippet will give me…

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